Choose The Right Color

Did you know that when furnishing and decorating a restaurant, the color is used strategically? The reason is that the appetite is sensitive to the colors and the experience of eating is more or less pleasant according to the choice of the tones in the walls, furniture and finished.

The color of the dishes, menus, floors, walls and decorative accessories impacts on a food business and should be considered along with the colorful chairs, tables, booths, armchairs and benches. Some color schemes that appear attractive in theory, are objectionable when used in Food Areas. For example, red is believed to stimulate appetite and other warm tones create a welcoming atmosphere.

However, they should be used carefully when combining them with other tones. When choosing and combining the colors of your business, consider:

  • IF YOU OFFER FAST SERVICE. In general, bright colors and strong contrasts are best related to the qualities of fast food establishments (cafes, fast food).
  • IF YOU’RE DOING A TRADITIONAL SERVICE. Classic style restaurants or restaurants that serve sophisticated cuisine, at a slower pace and probably at a higher price, look better in neutral and warm tones, with a low level of lighting.
  • IF YOU HAVE A BAR. The natural wood tones, metallic elements and mirrors are usually traditional elements in the bar areas. The colors brown and sand are related to a male clientele and the lighter tones like cream, beige and yellow are linked with all types of diners.
  • ACCORDING TO THE TYPE OF FOOD. Some businesses have developed decorating traditions according to the food they serve. For example, seafood restaurants lean on natural wood for table tops and floors, along with areas of white and ivory and decorative elements in coffee and sand. Blue is a preferred color, because it is supposedly associated with the sea. However, it should be used with caution to avoid a cold and unappetizing implication.
  • ACCORDING TO NATIONALITY. Certain styles of cooking emphasize the use of some colors according to the country of origin. It happens with restaurants of Italian and Mexican food, that emphasize the red, green and white (colors of its flag) or Spanish restaurants that use bright and strong shades (red and yellow). However, such relationships are not essential or binding.
  • IF YOU SERVE FOOD OF AUTHOR. Urban fashion and eclectic tendency tend to catch the imagination and bet on creativity, combining colors and styles ranging from the industrial casual to the nostalgic-vintage. Are you looking for ideas to choose and to combine the colors of your furniture for restaurant, cafeteria, bar or industrial dining room? Explore our catalog or browse our product line, using filters by styles and materials to find the chairs and tables according to your project. Access the finished section to choose the materials, varnishes, porcelain, laminates, vinyl’s and fabrics that combine with the personality of your business. Inspire yourself in the range of colors we have selected to combine the tones of your choice.

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