Customize Your Table

The table you need for your business can be found at Rak. We manufacture more than 500 types of tables to choose from that best suits your restaurant, bar, cafe, fast food, terrace or dining room. Our variety allows you to select each part of the table to generate the one that is ideal for the style of your business.

Follow our steps to modify your table:

  • Choose the cover. In our Covers section, you will find all available models, depending on the style, shape and size you are looking for: wood, galvanized sheets, aluminum or plastic and PVC laminate. There are round, square or expandable, among many more.

  • Select the pedestal or base. In our Pedestals page you will find all the varieties of base so that you finish putting together your table. You can choose the height (for lounge, bar or dining room), the type of tube (wood, chrome or painted) and the varieties of pedestal (to screw or fold, among others).

  • We also make tables with special designs, which fit the needs of your restaurant. Be inspired by the examples we have of previously assembled tables, so that you find the most promising combination. At Rak, we have the perfect table for your room combining the deck, the base and the finished ones.

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