How to Furnish

1. How do I calculate how many chairs and tables fit in my restaurant?

To make an approximate calculation of the number of chairs and tables to buy, the first thing you should take into account is the size of the tables that you will need, according to the style of business (restaurant, cafeteria, snacks, etc.) and the kinds of dishes you are going to serve. We have suggested tables for each type of restaurant (see the list in the next question) but remember that an average or standard tables dimensions are 80 x 80 cm.

Once the tables are chosen, identify the space where you will place them discarding the areas that are left free (without furniture) for people to walk and distribute the place. These are: the main access or entrance, the kitchen door, lobby, the restrooms and the air corridor.

As part of our consulting service, Rak offers you a layout or distribution plan of the space where you place the chairs and tables for restaurants. That tool will suggest how many tables to buy and how to accommodate them. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

2. What type of table is suitable to choose for my restaurant?

You can use tables of different sizes and combine them to offer alternatives in your business. These are our suggestions regarding the dimensions of tables for restaurants, coffee shops, bars or industrial dining rooms:

Tables of 60x60 cm.
Tables of 80x80 cm.
Low or high round tables of 60 cm.

Tables of 80x80 cm.
Tables of 80x60 cm. For couples or groups of 2 people.
Tables of 90x90 cm. For specialty restaurants or wide tablecloths.
Tables of 70X90 cm. For couples or groups of 2 people.
Tables 80 cm and 120 cm in diameter. Excellent complement.
Tables of 80x120 cm. For Booths.
Expandable tables. They can function as square or round. They are ideal for long tablecloth restaurants. They allow transforming the same cover from square to round and increase the number of people who can sit on it.

Tables of 60 cm.
Tables of 60x60 cm.
Tables of 80x80 cm.
Tables of 80x60 cm. For couples or groups of 2 people.
Tables 80 cm.

Tables of 80x80 cm.
Tables of 80x120 cm (for Booths).


Tables of 90x180 cm. Suitable for the use of trays.

SPECIAL TABLES. We remind you that as manufacturers, we can produce tables for restaurants in any dimension or shape according to your needs.

3. How to choose the design of the furniture?

To choose the furniture design, it is essential to be clear about the general concept of the restaurant that you want to decorate: is it a traditional cafe, an industrial dining room, a lounge restaurant or a fast food area in a shopping center?

With this in mind you can choose the predominant style of your project or combine pieces of casual design, minimalist, classic and elegant. It also influences the type of food you serve, the style of clientele you expect to receive and the geographic location of the place.

In the Rak catalog, we have more than 200 models of tables and chairs for restaurants in a variety of colors and finishes that will help you to get the perfect look for the decoration and finishing of your business. Do not forget that appearance should be as important as quality and durability.

4. How to choose the materials of furniture for restaurants?

To select the materials of the chairs and tables takes into account these three factors:

-Budget. How much will you invest? The prices vary according to the materials used to create the product.

-Type of Client. If you have a fast food or industrial dining room and you receieve customers by shifts, you need practical furniture and easy to clean. In that case, it is better to choose furniture with plastic laminate or polypropylene in seat and backrest. If you have a specialty restaurant or gourmet, the ideal option would be the wooden chairs, for the atmosphere they create. You also have the option of combining metal and wood in the furniture and choose tubular chairs from a wide range of colors.

-Location and climate. If your business is near the coast or on open terraces, it is essential to use outdoor chairs and tables resistant to the weather, sun, humidity and salt. These are made with aluminum, polypropylene, synthetic rattan or teka. Outdoor tables should be covered with laminate, fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum or teak wood and outdoor pedestals. If your business is in an interior location, you can choose the material of your choice. In the Rak catalog, products that resist weathering are identified with the design of an umbrella.

5. How to choose the colors of the furniture?

At Rak you can choose from over 500 different combinations of furniture colors for restaurants, depending on the style you are looking for. We have a wide range of varnishes, enamels, plastic laminates, fabrics and vinyl that offer infinite possibilities. The following are some general criteria that can help you choose the colors of your furniture for food businesses:

-The tone of the chairs and tables contrast with the walls and floors of the premises.

-The color of chairs and tables combined with finishes and finishes of walls, ceilings and floors (recommended to create a minimalist environment).

- Showcase the furniture by choosing a tapestry or a seat of color that contrasts with the structure of the chairs.

-Create contrasts of colors between the chairs and tables becoming the protagonists of the restaurant. Look at the color guide by clicking here.

6. When is the best time to buy furniture for my restaurant?

Buying the furniture for your restaurant, which is the first thing your customers see and where they taste the food that your business offers, should be an essential part of business planning.

An investment and decision so important must be backed by a professional advice, which allows you to select the models and finishes that fit your project. Be sure not to sacrifice the quality of chairs and tables due to lack of time or because much of the budget went into other project concepts. It is not fair that the effort to set up a restaurant or cafe ends in the purchase of furniture at the last minute and in any style, color and mediocre quality, only to open the business as soon as possible. We recommend you reserve the time and budget to make quality restaurant furniture, for daily use.

The ideal time to approach a consultant at Rak is 8 to 12 weeks before opening, since the minimum time to manufacture furniture to your satisfaction, as soon as the process of selection and definition of quantities, models and colors is four (4) weeks.

The chairs and tables for restaurants, cafe, dining rooms or bars are more than the face of the business. It is where your customers will enjoy the food, the drinks and the atmosphere. The furniture is an essential part of the restaurant experience that you offer and is one of the necessary tools for the integral operation of the business.

7. What are the most recommended materials of chairs and tables for terrances?

It depends on the type of terrace of your business. There are indoor terraces, semi-covered terraces and terraces completely outdoors. According to this classification, the technical characteristics of the recommended chairs and tables vary.

For interior terraces. You can choose the furniture in any type of material.

For semi-covered and open terraces. It is necessary to identify if in this type of terrace, the furniture will be exposed to water, sun, wind and humidity. Depending on this you can choose furniture for outdoor terrace or chairs and tables for interiors in any material after evaluating if they run the risk of deteriorating by exposing them to external elements.

For outdoor terraces. We recommend aluminum chairs, synthetic and aluminum wicker chairs or teak and polypropylene chairs. The tables should be teka or laminated with pedestals resistant to the sun and humidity. It is necessary to maintain the covers, chairs and armchairs of teak wood applying the special wax that we provide with the purchase of more than 4 sets of furniture. This wax is also for sale on our website.

8. How do I maintain my chairs and tables?

If you buy quality furniture the maintenance will be almost null or unnecessary. What you should always keep in mind is to protect them from moisture and keep them away from excess sun and heat.

The furniture from Rak can last in good condition for an average of fifteen years. We even have the fortune of having many customers as testimony to this. If it happens that the material is stained, it can be cleaned like a normal upholstery fabric. As for the maintenance of the structures, over the years and due to the wear and tear caused by daily use, it may be necessary to use ferrules on the chairs and levelers on the tables. They can be purchased on our website and are easy to place.

9. I have a very limited budget for furniture, what do I do?

Rak furniture offers a wide range of designs, materials and prices. If you have a limited budget we suggest the line of Italian style chairs made of metal and the tables in plastic laminate with PVC nozzle. They are accessible models that maintain the high quality of all the pieces.

Our recommendation is to buy solid, stable and resistant furniture and never sacrifice quality in the furniture of your restaurant, because you could endanger the safety of the customers. In addition, you would soon have to repair or replace it.

10. Do I have to choose furniture that is functional or decorative?

It is not necessary to give up functionality or aesthetics when choosing chairs and tables for restaurants. The wide variety of models, styles, colors and finishes of Rak furniture will allow you to have attractive and practical furniture at the same time, ideal for daily use and adapt to almost any concept and decorative image that you choose for your business.

11. How to choose the right furniture from such variety of models?

Select your furniture for food businesses by setting priorities. We suggest you ask the following questions to evaluate your furniture needs and achieve an attractive location and your taste and that of your customers:

  • How much furniture do I need?
  • How big should the chairs and tables be?
  • What material am I looking for?
  • What budget should I reserve for furniture?
  • When do I need them?
  • What is the style of my business?
  • What colors and finishes are in line with my project?
12. Should I cover the chairs with fabric or vinyl?

Both materials are functional, high quality and adapted to the needs of different projects and styles. Vinyl has the advantage of staining less and being easier to clean. We have a variety of 61 vinyl shades for chairs, lounges and booths. In addition to fabric and vinyl, Rak offers you a wide variety of chairs with metal seats, wood, plastic laminate, laminate laminate and polypropylene in different shades to choose from.

13. How can I extend the life of furniture and reduce repair costs?

For your restaurant's furniture to last, our main recommendation is to invest once by buying quality chairs and tables and choosing a line according to your needs.

14. What furniture should I choose to create the right atmosphere for a cafe?

A cafe is a type of business that is more relaxed and casual than a restaurant, which should convey a cozy atmosphere, where the pleasure of drinking coffee comes to mind. Although the choice of furniture for coffee shops will always depend on the image you want to project, the initial recommendation is to choose chairs and tables that are not very large and have warm colors, with a pleasant aesthetic. The decorative styles most related to a cafe are minimalist, vintage, urban and rustico-frances. It is also advisable to incorporate some chairs or lounges in some corner of the cafe.

15. How to choose the modules for a fast-food restaurant?

Fast-food modules are characteristic of the fast-food business. At Rak we manage a line of modules for two and four people that can be fixed to the ground. We can practically assemble any chair of the Italian line and most of the tables in these modules, that adapt to multiple styles. In addition, we suggest you evaluate the option of placing individual chairs and tables that also are fixed to the floor, allow a more efficient use of space and give a contemporary air to the fast food areas of shopping centers, restaurants and dining rooms. Do you need more free information about this topic? click here.

16. How to choose the right color for varnishes and laminates??

Colors are an essential part of the image and decoration of a restaurant. At Rak we offer you a range of tones so varied that you can make infinite combinations. When choosing the colors of chairs and tables for restaurants there are no rules and it is best not to set limits. These two formulas are a good starting point to select the most suitable:

- Any color of wood combines very well with upholstery of solid colors.

- The colors of floors, walls, ceiling and other decorative elements present inside the premises must be considered when choosing the shades of varnishes and laminates in chairs and tables.

If you need more support with this subject, contact a Rak Advisor to get you a customized color proposal, designed exclusively for your restaurant. Check out our general color scheme here.

17. How many coat hangers does my restaurant need?

Coat racks have become a necessity and a practical accessory in restaurants and coffee shops. There is no fixed rule on the amount that must be placed within a business, as this will depend on the type of clientele and their customs. However, placing a coat rack for every three or four tables is an appropriate number to make it useful for diners.

18. How many styles can be combined in the furniture for a catering business?

As we said before, there are no rules when it comes to decorating. We always suggest starting from a balanced color combination, but you can combine several styles and materials in one project to give a casual, cozy and vintage look to your business. Up to four different styles of restaurant furniture can be mixed in a restaurant.

19. Can I customize the chairs and tables?

All of Rak's furniture is customized because we manufacture them with the features that each client requires and needs. They are made just for you! If you have a franchise business or you are looking for the recognition of a brand or product, we offer the option to include the respective name or logo in any visible part of the chair, table, armchair or bench. Personalization will also depend on the material on which it will be worked.

Do you want to know more? Contact our Sales Advisor, who together with our engineering and design department will offer you the best option to personalize your restaurant, bar or cafe furniture.

20. What are the accessories that a restaurant can not miss?

Baby chairs for restaurants and coat racks are necessary accessories to offer an optimal service to your clientele. Our recommendation is to incorporate some in the order and have them at the disposal of the diners. Remember that like the rest of our products, we manufacture them in the colors related to the style and image of your business.