16 years ago, we were looking for the best option to furnish our Sushi Restaurant. After evaluating alternatives, we knew that Rak offered us quality, variety and experience so we decided that it was the best option and we were not wrong. At Rak, the staff provided expert recommendations and were punctual during delivery. The most important thing is that the chairs and tables that we bought from Rak in 2000 have remained durable during all this time, they were practical from the first day and have lasted a lot without losing their impeccable appearance. They still look current! More than a decade and a half later we have the opportunity to expand our restaurant, we contacted Rak again and they have treated us with courtesy and professionalism. Rak chairs and tables are one of the best investments we have made for our restaurant.

Carlos Herrera and Ramiro Sainz
Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico