Three reasons to choose Rak

At Rak you will find furniture for restaurants that you have always wanted. Rak furniture is at least three times more durable than other furniture, it is manufactured by experts in the restaurant division. We have styles and finishes of chairs and tables for all concepts.

1. Durability matters
In furniture, quality is not always distinguished at first sight and durability is part of the quality you are looking for. Remember that the furniture of your business will be subject to very demanding conditions of use and require solid and robust structures, resistant wood, upholstered with materials of rough use and industrial finishes to make your furniture functional for a long time.

Rak furniture holds more than the others.

2. We have more variety of styles, models and finishes
At Rak we have a catalog of more than 450 chairs and tables, so you can choose the ones that highlight the decoration and image of your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, fast food area, dining room or project that you need to furnish. Our variety of colors, tapestries, varnishes and finishes will allow you to choose the best combination to make your business look as you want. We have furniture with styles that go from the urban to the classics, going through the modern, colonial, vintage and minimalist.

Mark the trend of your restaurant with quality furniture and resistant, that last you a long time.

3. We help you furnish
We want to accompany you in the task of furnishing your business. How do we do it?

-We tell you how to allocate. At no cost, we make a layout with the furniture arrangement in the space you have in your restaurant, bar, cafeteria or dining room.
-We help you choose. With our Catalog we guide you in the selection of the design of your chairs and tables, showing you alternatives so that you can choose the one you prefer.
-We deliver on time. We keep our promises. You will be able to open your business at the scheduled time and have the furniture on the agreed date.

Rak furniture holds three times more than other furniture for restaurants. Check it out!